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Website Builder by SMENTERPRISES.US – You can change this theme if you go to your dashboard and appearance and themes. You can import the demo option if available and make all the chnages necessary. I will suggest for you to watch some WordPress videos on YouTube if you never used WordPress before. Read about how everything works and you’ll be fine.

Very Important. You will get only one week free with your site. If for some reason you don’t go and choose a membership price then your website gets deactivated and removed. The only way to own your website here is only if you choose a membership website plan. Why is this? this helps us give you our services and helps us stay alive on the web. This gives us the power to help you on offering you this tool.

Please go here and choose a plan.

We have many different plans and hopefully one can get your attention. If you need something else then contact us and we can help you. We also build websites with your domain name and a shared web hosting. We provide great web hosting packages and deals when we design and launch your site.