Polycarbonate Lexan Signs

Polycarbonate Lexan Signs for your business. White or clear signs with vinyl applied or digitally printed signage. Why use a lexan panel? Polycarbonate signs? why use them? well this material is good if you have a store or place on any boxed style that have lights bulbs inside so at night time it will shine. Yes your sign will give an effect that it shows and can be seen and read at night time. We could do reversed vinyl and cut letters and at night time the letters will show. Polycarbonate Lexan Signs are great for outdoor use and mostly store owners have these signs.

Polycarbonate Lexan Signs can be somewhat a little expensive though, one panel would cost about a little more than a thousand dollar with a digital print or vinyl applied to it. The sign panel could be ¬†3/16″ of an inch at 20’x4′ and can be applied to a boxed style where light hits the panel and makes it glow at night. Sign is what we do, if you are in need on a sign we can have it built in less than a week and install for you. We can also deliver your sign to you. Let us know if you need our services.

Websites. graphics, logos and signs for your business. We can help you organize and plan a advertising campaign for you, our sales rep and sign estimators can help you at your site with signage and advertising ideas. We can plan ahead for any events and install signs for you. We help you with all types of signage including weekend directional programs and mobile billboard signs.

Websites we can help you to construct from scratch and help you from registering a domain name to setting up a hosting account. Graphic designers are also ready to work for you and design you a great graphic. Contact us if you need us! We are here.